Will Technology Make Heart Grow Fonder?

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Anyone who’s experienced a long-distance commitment knows that maintaining love alive over the length is actually hard. Fortunately, technophiles across the globe are trying to do their finest to manufacture those huge distances disappear through smart phones, computer systems, cameras, alongside technologies. Nowadays it seems like the question on brains of developers and inventors every-where is actually “Does absence actually improve center develop fonder?”

Projects like Pillow Talk, route, and pair Fire genuinely believe that the answer could possibly be “yes.” Look over:

Pillow Talk

It sounds saucy, but don’t let the title trick you. The Pillow chat product isn’t a naughty bedroom accessory, that it is fairly sweet. Here’s the way it operates: ease a ring on the hand before you get to sleep. When you add it on, these devices begins without any cables transmitting signals to a pillow in your lover’s possession. The pillow will quickly radiate, and when your loved one lays their unique head-on it they’ll certainly be capable notice your own pulse in real time. Trade rings and you may both benefit from the closeness of hearing both’s minds defeat in spite of the length.


Path calls it self a “smart diary that assists you share existence with the ones you like – your thoughts, the songs you’re paying attention to, where you stand, who you’re with, when you wake so when you sleep, and beautiful quality images and movies.” Consumers can post photos and video clips and comment on the items that various other people article. One of the greatest problems long-distance partners face is actually feeling as if they are maybe not part of each other’s schedules, and Path might be the perfect solution.

Couple Flame

Couple Fire promises to simply help “include spark towards union.” How exactly does it do this, you may well ask? Couple Fire is a whole new private social media obtainable along with your long-distance really love. Users are provided an online bulletin board upon which they may be able publish photos, date ideas, desires…anything and anything you can think about to make you feel much more connected to your partner. It is like Pinterest for loved-up long-distance couples!

And there’s constantly that confirmed, old savior of long-distance interactions: Skype. As crazy (and just a little stalker-y) as some scientific relationship innovations might appear, i cannot help getting interested in all of them. Relationships are difficult even when you reside alike area, so why not make use of the miracles of innovation to try to relieve the issues of long-distance love?

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